"The bright red circular sign, about a half-mile down Central Avenue from The Plaza denotes one of the area’s greatest vintage treasure chests.  It may be small, but Hong Kong Vintage boasts a clean, well-maintained collection of leather jackets, polyester dresses, and wide-collar button-downs.  As with most vintage shops, everything is arranged by color, and if you’re patient enough, you’ll likely walk out with a stylish $20 outfit which, best of all, no one else will be wearing at the restaurant that night."
-- Charlotte Magazine, 2007 Best of the Best Edition.

"This is an amazing vintage store.  I bought a bunch of old nightgowns from the ‘40s.  As a wrap present for the costume designer, I found a vintage Pucci bag.  Cheap and unbelievable stuff."
-- Actress Leslie Bibb, Jane Magazine.

"Spot-on in stocking this season’s trends."
-- fashionologie.com

704.334.0538 | mail@hongkongvintage.com

1514 Central Ave | Charlotte, NC 28205